Conference Program

Room: E0.0.7.

9:00 Opening
9:30 Time Ordered Momentary States of the Universe and a Dynamic Generic Model of Reality Etale Over a Dynamic Non-Commutative Geometry.
Fred Van Oystaeyen (University of Antwerpen)
10:20 On algebras related to the Yang—Baxter equation
Łukasz Kubat (University of Warsaw)
The aim of this talk is to give a brief review of what is known about the algebraic structures (mostly (semi)groups and their algebras) related to the celebrated Yang—Baxter equation, with particular emphasis on Eric's impact on this part of mathematics.
11:10 Coffee & Tea Break
11:30 ExploRing Invertibility in Context
Ann Dooms (VUB)
A large part of Eric Jespers' research concerns investigating units in orders. As such he introduced me to the wonderful world of exploring invertibility which has been paramount for my own research lines later on. In this talk I will give an overview of where this has led and can lead to.
13.00 Lunch Break

Room: P2 007.

15:00 Officially not structure groups
Victoria Lebed
In this talk we will discuss group-theoretic properties of cactus groups. This exotic family of groups appeared independently in algebraic geometry and representation theory. Our main tool will be an injective group 1-cocycle into a simpler family of (right-angled Coxeter) groups, which to many in Brussels should remind of the bijective 1-cocycle from brace theory. We will also interpret cactus groups as the Coxeter-type quotients of the structure groups of certain partial solutions to the Yang—Baxter equation. Another notable example of the structure group of a partial solution is Thompson's group F. Based on joint work with P. Bellingeri and H. Chemin.
15:50 There are more questions than answers
Ángel del Río (University of Murcia)
We will revise some successes and failures of a long way together.
16:40 Closing